Baeza has been a World Heritage Site since 2003 thanks to its exceptional monumental complex, a heritage preserved since the Renaissance, the city’s period of greatest splendor. Strolling through our streets is like going back to the 16th century when Baeza became one of the nerve centers in the south of the Peninsula thanks to its University, religious buildings, and noble palaces. One of the main protagonists of this Renaissance splendor is the architect Andrés de Vandelvira, a key figure in the current appearance of the Cathedral and in other constructions of the time.

The urban landscape is full of culture, tradition, and history. The monumental squares and streets are open-air museums thanks to their exceptional architecture. Baeza also preserves part of its Iberian, Roman, and Muslim heritage, cultures that left a mark that is still present. The city is full of monuments and places of interest that will captivate the visitor.

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