Pósito Real Building


The Pósito Real (or Royal Granary) is a 16th century building that served as a warehouse for grain and other goods. It used to communicate with the Alhóndiga. Due to the increase in population during Baeza’s period of splendour, this granary had to be extended, differentiating the new one from the old one, both of which were built along the barbican. On the outside, there is a 16th century heraldic altarpiece with the coats of arms of the emperor, the city and the corregidor. The granary started out being a double-height building with vaults created to ensure the city’s supply. Now only a few remains of this space remain, with arches from the old vault that made up the building. Most of the original building is used for private homes and the rest for a contemporary art gallery, Renace Contemporary Art, which showcases samples of the latest artistic trends of our time.

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    Calle Barbacanas, 2 23440 Baeza, Jaén