Gastronomy is another strong point of Baeza, and there are many restaurants that will delight the diner. Some of these places are on palaces or historic buildings, a perfect symbiosis to cultivate all the senses. Our recipe book preserves the tradition of inland Andalusian cuisine, the heritage of previous cultures, and the best products from gardening and hunting, yet still having room for the modern styles of contemporary gastronomy. Needless to say that olive oil is the star of Baeza´s cuisine.

Ochíos, Pipirrana, cuarrecano, hornazo, migas, orza loin… are some of the most representative native dishes. These names may sound strange to the visitor but will be noticed by the palates. Like the desserts, many inherited from Andalusian and conventual cuisine: sweet porridge, pestiños, virolos… Nor should we forget the tapas, so typical of the province of Jaén, which are a great opportunity to try the local gastronomy with each drink…

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