Baeza, University City

Baeza has a long academic tradition. The Old University was founded in the 16th century and became one of the most important in Spain at the time and one of the first in Andalusia. Around the educational center, the city grew with a relevant civil construction process. It also served as a claim for important men of the time: noblemen, hidalgos, scholars, architects… Thanks to the University, Baeza was imbued with a humanist spirit that still endures. Characters that have remained despite time, such as: the musician Ramos de Pareja, San Juan de Ávila, Diego Pérez de Valdivia, the painter Gaspar Becerra or San Juan de la Cruz. Also Bartolomé Ximenez Patón, the Mayor Pablo de Olavide… and already in the 20th century the poet Antonio Machado or the historian Vicens Vives, among many who were born or lived in Baeza.

Today the city houses the Antonio Machado headquarters of the International University of Andalusia. At headquarters, they have wide academic offers of quality and excellence, mainly aimed at postgraduate studies, although without neglecting research, continuous training, and summer courses, which are a great opportunity to mix training and tourism.

Very remarkable is the research work carried out by the Andalusian Study Center for Rural Development (CAEDER), whose objective is to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of rural and agrarian areas of Andalusia.

Nearly 1,000 students pass through the Antonio Machado de Baeza headquarters each year to enjoy one of nearly 40 courses offered and the intense cultural offer scheduled as a complement to the training offer. Also noteworthy are the Spanish teaching courses for foreigners.

The buildings that welcome the students are some of the most representative of Baeza: the Jabalquinto Palace and the Felipe Neri Council Seminary, relevant parts of the monumental historical complex declared a World Heritage Site. In addition to history and tradition, students have all the comforts and resources such as the residence, assembly hall, library, computer room, reading and television room, cafeteria, gym, sports court, garden areas, and lecture hall equipped with modern Simultaneous translation booths.

The residence is located in a 17th-century building in the heart of Baeza. The facilities have all the comforts for students, with 56 triple rooms, a cafeteria, a computer room, a library, leisure and relaxation rooms, sports courts…

As a university city, Baeza belongs to the Pablo de Olavide Municipal Foundation, which brings together twenty Andalusian cities with a great training tradition. This foundation promotes the educational field with numerous activities, such as the Pablo de Olavide Extraordinary Award for the Best High School Record, which recognizes the best High School record of each member municipality.