Restaurant Juanito


Traditional cuisine restaurant that uses native products from the province of Jaén where EVOO is the essential and main ingredient.
Juanito Restaurant pays attention to traditional cuisine, subject to the use of various extra virgin olive oils produced in our province. Its stoves give off the aroma of stews, marinades, and marinades, based on aromatic herbs and meat from the big and small game that our nearby mountains give us, vegetables from our garden, and the essential cold soups of our province.
Desserts with Mozarabic influence, handcrafted in their kitchen, and all washed down with a winery that offers wines from the primary appellations of origin through more than 500 references.
Her kitchen has evolved as necessary, with her recipes managed as they’ve always been, perhaps with a more chromatic touch and a subtle deduction of the use of different virgin olive oils, but always respecting the character that Luisa has endowed her recipes.

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    Paseo Alcalde Puche Pardonº 57. 23440 Baeza, Jaén