Iglesia de San Andres


The parish church of San Andrés is undoubtedly the temple par excellence in Baeza, as this saint is the city’s patron saint. Built in the 16th century, it is one of the most outstanding buildings in the city’s historic centre. The church held the title of collegiate church from 1764 to 1852. The most striking feature of this temple is its large square tower, visible from afar. Its main doorway is in the Plateresque style, and there you can see the niche of the saint after whom the church is named, Saint Andrew. On the sides are the coats of arms of Bishop Alonso Suárez de la Fuente del Sauce. There is another carved stone niche on the façade: a pietà depicting the Virgin holding the lacerated body of Jesus. There is another doorway on the northwest side, in the form of a semicircular arch with Corinthian columns. The interior consists of a single nave, and the high altar is another example of the work left by Andrés de Vandelvira in Baeza. The beautiful altarpiece was later added and remains in a good state of preservation. The church also treasures a carving of the patron saint of Baeza, the Virgen del Alcázar, which was transferred here in the mid-18th century. Also worth admiring are the Baroque sculptures or the titular figures of some of Baeza’s brotherhoods, works of high-quality gold and silver work and the Gothic panels in the sacristy.

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    Calle San Andrés, 31 23440 Baeza, Jaén