Palacio de los Obispos “Carmen de Burgos”


The construction of the Palacio de Los Obispos (or Palace of Bishops) started in the 13th century but has since been renovated several times, rendering its present appearance somewhat eclectic. As its name says, it served as a residence for the diocese’s bishops since the Middle Ages. The large central courtyard is surrounded by four buildings, one of which now only shows its walls with half-point openings. The characteristic highlight of the remains that survived over time is its double gallery of half-point arches. One of the most significant modifications this Palace of Bishops has undergone was that of the 19th century, when it was transformed into a cavalry barracks of the Army. In the last century’s forties, the building had various uses, such as residence, school or female reformatory. In 1991, it became the Centro de Formación Feminista Carmen de Burgos (or Carmen de Burgos Feminist Training Centre), dependent on the Andalusian Institute of Women of the Regional Government of Andalusia. Carmen de Burgos, writer and women’s rights defender. A pioneer of feminism in Spain who practised journalism between the 19th and 20th centuries, becoming one of the first women to serve as a war correspondent.

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