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The El Alcazar Cooperative is one of the principal olive oil mills and producers of olive oil in Jaén that markets its oils under the OLIBAEZA brand.

In Baeza, the cradle of the Renaissance and the center of the province of Jaén, among its immense sea of ​​olive trees, the ANDALUSIAN COOPERATIVE SOCIETY “EL ALCÁZAR” is located, one of the leading oil mills in the province of Jaén.

The oil mill is open to OIL TOURISM, introducing our visitors to the extra virgin olive oil culture.
Regarding the covid-19 measures, the cooperative has carried out an action protocol, training its workers and signaling its facilities at all times so that all the protection measures that visitors to our facilities must carry are complied with, as well as hygienic devices throughout the tour. Before starting the visits, we inform visitors of said protocol.

The cooperative offers visitors guided tours by technicians specialized in eleotechnics and master specialists in olive oil production. Where we introduce the visitor to the World of Olive Oil, revealing our modern facilities, where they have the latest technological innovations.
They also offer oil tastings, where they make known the differences between the different oils and especially the organoleptic and gustatory conditions that early harvest Premium oils possess.

They are open to any visitor, especially tour groups and tour buses, as they have ample parking facilities as well as a conference room for up to 300 visitors. All facilities are enabled for access to visitors with a disability.

In the production of the oil, they have the seal of quality of integrated production, where they advise their partners in the production of olives, taking care at all times that the obtaining of this fruit is carried out with the best agro-environmental practices.
Likewise, their products also carry the quality seal of Andalusian Food, where they belong to the “OLEOTUR JAÉN” association that encompasses oil tourism in the province.

In addition, the producers of the best EVOO in the world have currently been chosen, for the VI edition of the EVOOLEUM Awards.

OLIBAEZA oil is recognized worldwide, with several awards such as the Gold Medal, in the category of mild green oils, by the International Olive Council, the Gold Medal for its packaging, and the Silver Medal for the oils medium fruity, in the prestigious competition in Los Angeles (USA), in addition to various mentions in different gastronomic guides.

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    Carretera de Ibros s/n 23440 Baeza, Jaén