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This story begins with tradition and an inseparable father-son relationship in ​​Baeza, a municipality in La Loma Jaén, (Andalusia)( Spain). The father of our CEO, Alberto Luque, a lover of good cuisine and a lifelong farmer that taught him the knowledge of olive growing and the values ​​of good work, effort, and tradition, which his father passed on to him from generation to generation. Our olive groves in the Guadalquivir Valley, exclusively at Finca Las Delicias, are located in the core of the Guadalquivir Forest with the best biodiversity, habitat of the Montagu’s Harrier along with other native species.
This geographical area is exceptional for its flora, fauna, soil fertility, and abundant water from the Guadalquivir River that we pump with the use of photovoltaic panels; with it, we can irrigate our fields of biodynamic and ecological olive trees through an irrigation system by efficient and controlled dripping.
In our oil mill, we press the olives as done in the past, with an artisanal basket press, but incorporating new technologies. A fusion of traditional and avant-garde to cook a good harvest, signature extra virgin olive oil by cold pressure, and not by cold extraction (centrifugation).

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    C. la Paz, 1 23440 Baeza, Jaén