Convento de la Encarnación


The Convento de la Encarnación (or Convent of the Incarnation) was founded in 1599 at the place as the former hospital of the same name. It started off being a convent of Las Carmelitas Descalzas. It features a magnificent mannerist portico of clear renaissance tendency, dominant in the city. A semicircular arch forms the doorway to the church, and next to the two great shields of the order, there is an alto relief of the Enunciación. The interior of the church consists of a single nave with no transept. It has an altarpiece representing the Virgin of Carmen, San José and paintings of the founders of the order. Like other religious buildings in Baeza, the convent of the Incarnation was subjected to the Desamortization de Mendizabal (or Mendizabal’s Disentailment) in 1836, by which many real estate properties of the Church were sold.

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