Torre de Los Aliatares


There are only a handful of remains of the Muslim culture in Baeza, but one of the best-preserved is undoubtedly the Torre de Los Aliatares (or Tower of the Aliatares), in the Plaza de España, on the corner of Bishop Narváez. The construction was one of the most important parts of the wall, demolished in 1476 on orders of Isabel La Católica. The Muslims erected the defensive wall in the 12th century. The tower was strategically important since it controlled much of the city from its twenty-five meters high. Like every important square at that time, Baeza was fortified with walls, turrets and fortresses. The Torre de Los Aliatars was one of the most important sections of the entire wall. The construction is made of ashlar and features four arrow slits with a final battlemented finish. The clock is a 19th century addition. It is currently in a good state of conservation.

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    Calle Obispo Narváez, 2, 23440 Baeza, Jaén