The Alhóndiga


The Alhóndiga is another of the 16th century emblematic buildings. Located in the then known as Plaza del Mercado (or Market Square), its main function was that of a market, where grain (wheat, barley…) and other goods, generally foodstuffs, were bought and sold. Baeza used to have a great cultivation area, which rendered it necessary to have somewhere to sell the products. The building comprises a ground floor with semicircular arches resting on Doric capitals and a top floor, also with arches, although not as high. The Alhóndiga communicated with the Pósito in the rear. This served to store the merchandise that was later sold in the market. La Alhóndiga also doubled as an inn and private home. In the sixties of the last century, a third body was added to the building with a lintel gallery. It is still a home today.

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