Palacio Sanchez Valenzuela / New Casino


The new Baeza Casino is housed in a monumental building, the Sanchez Valenzuela Palace, built at the end of the 15th century. The family that gave the building its name occupied it for several generations. It was later assigned to an order for closing nuns, and it was not until the Desamortization de Mendizabal (or Mendizabal’s Disentailment) (19th Century) that it became a casino, which it still is. The building in the Calle de San Pablo in the city centre has undergone several renovations and modifications. The façade underwent some work in the 19th century, although it retains its two towers at either end, which give it the appearance of a fortress. The interior retains its courtyard with a double-height arched gallery (Gothic-Renaissance) and original 16th-century side staircase. Outside the palace, opposite the casino door, is the famous seated sculpture of the poet Antonio Machado, depicted reading a book on a bench. The author of Campos de Castilla is closely linked to the town, as he lived here for seven years (1912-1919).

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    Calle Enrique Moreno, 3, 23440 Baeza, Jaén