Palacio de Rubín de Ceballos


In front of the cathedral’s eastern wall is the Palacio de Rubín de Ceballos (or Rubin de Ceballos Palace), an austere two-storey mansion. Mr José Cayetano Rubin de Caballos ordered its construction at the end of the 18th century, although its completion dates from 1804. The building consists of two bodies divided by moulding, which runs throughout the façade. The lintel door and the balcony at the top, flanked by the shields of the founders, are noteworthy. The most striking of its interior is its neoclassical courtyard and the recently built chapel. A Renaissance arch, decorated with cherubim, rosettes and acanthus leaves from the ancient church of the Holy Spirit, was installed outside. The palace belonged to the Rubín de Ceballos family until 1973 and is now the seat of a foundation.

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    Calle Prof. Juan Cruz Cruz, 14 23440 Baeza, Jaén