Iglesia de los Trinitarios Descalzos


The Church of the Trinitarios Descalzos, in the Plaza de Cervantes, was built in the 18th century next to the convent of the Order, built in the previous century. After the Desamortización de Mendizábal (or Mendizábal’s Disentailment), the convent was demolished, like so many others. The temple is sober but elegant, baroque style, with a striking square tower topped in octagonal form. The interior is purely baroque, with little decoration. The Church of the Descalzos is the only example of an elliptical floor plan in Baeza. In the nineties, the building was deeply refurbished, and the organisation Europa Nostra recognised the work for “the respectful restoration of the church, which included the replacement of the previous sunken vault, and its conversion into a modern auditorium”.

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    Plaza Miguel de Cervantes, 3, 23440 Baeza, Jaén