Fuente de Los Leones


The Fuente de Los Leones (or Fountain of the Lions) was one of Baeza’s main fountains during the 16th century. It is an especially striking element in the centre of the Plaza del Pópulo, surrounded by monumental buildings like the Former Butcher’s or the Former Civil Courthouse. It is formed by a cup fountain with a couple of lions and another of equidae that guard a female figure whose Iberian origin causes some degree of controversy. The most widespread theory is that the image is of Imilce, Princess Ibera and wife of Carthaginian General Anibal Barca and comes from the remains of the Iberian-Roman city of Castulo, belonging to Linares, and moved to Baeza in the modern age. It has remained in the Plaza del Pópulo ever since, surviving the passage of the centuries and hard mishaps.

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