Former San Antonio Abad Hospital


What used to be the San Antonio Abad Hospital, also known as San Anton, is a 15th century building with an austere but elegant façade, with hardly any wall decorations, only a shield of the order of San Antonio Abad with the two-headed eagle. It was governed by San Antonio Abad and operated as a hospital for infectious diseases After the extinction of this order, the property was transferred to the La Concepción Hospital, and the property became the home of abandoned children. At the end of the 19th century, the part used for religious purposes got so deteriorated it was lost. It then took on different uses, such as an orphanage, a shelter for pilgrims and patio housing. More recently, it housed the youth house; today, it is the library and municipal archive. The interior has been renovated many a time, but the original staircase and vault are still there. The current archive keeps documents of great relevance to the history of our city, such as originals of the 13th century, 16th century chapter certificates and other pieces.

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    Calle Afán de Rivera, 1 23440 Baeza, Jaén