Convento de La Magdalena


The convent of La Magdalena was founded in 1568 by the priest Mr Nunez Marcelo as a convent of the Order of St. Augustine. The church, with a single nave, was completed a century later. The convent served as a home for nuns who did not belong to any particular order but depended on the Bishopric of Baeza. Both the convent and the church show sober exterior seating. There is a framed relief of Saint Mary Magdalene Penitent on the façade. When you enter the temple, the golden and bright high altar is probably the first thing you set your eyes on. The figure of the Fallen Christ, a realistic 17th century sculpture attributed to José de Mora, is also quite impressive. Inside the convent is the tomb with the remains of Sister Monica de Jesus, who died here in 1964. Pope John Paul II granted the Declaration of Virtues in 1992 to this humble and highly devoted nun, and for decades her beatification has been called for.

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    Calle de la Magdalena, 10 23440 Baeza, Jaén