The House of Oil


The family store was founded in 2001. From its origins, it was a project that sought to value and market the best Extra Olive Oils in the city, in its region of La Loma, and ultimately in the province of Jaén.
In this specialized store, you can find both high-quality oils produced in the different cooperatives in the area, and high-level gourmet selection oils and ambassadors of the quality of oil from the province of Jaén.
They complement olive oil with the sale of numerous products made with liquid gold like cosmetics, oil candles, pâtés and delicatessen with oil, cheeses in oil, etc., and gift items made with olive wood, branches, etc.
They commit to quality tourism.
* Commitment to tourist quality.

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    Plaza de la Constitución, 9 23440 Baeza, Jaén