Renace Contemporary Art


This interpretation center from the old Pósito baezano immerses the visitor in a city seen from the light of the Renaissance, after the centuries of darkness of the Middle Ages, showing a fairly compact project of synthesis and interdisciplinarity. In Baeza, the Renaissance is a time of splendor, where a new idea of ​​man and the world converges that goes beyond the purely artistic and supposes a transformation of existing values. This is translated in the city through the presence of a high nobility and hidalgos, exceptional palaces together with magnificent temples and monasteries, due to an important religious congregation, its university that radiates culture and knowledge to the rest of Andalusia; saints, artists, doctors, architects, writers and great men and women who have made it what it is today: A World Heritage City. *Check schedules through the website.

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    C/La Barbacana /n 23440 Baeza, Jaén