It is a family business of farmers from Baeza, Jaén, dedicated for several generations to the cultivation of olive groves in the regions of La Loma, Sierra Magina, and Campiña de Linares. They produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil betting on the highest quality and excellence, controlling the entire process themselves, from the production of olives in the field to the marketing of the oil.
The good practices carried out from the origin in the olive grove and each part of the production process is what leads them to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality.
Their extra virgin olive oils are made with the greatest care and dedication. From Pradolivo they carry out a firm commitment to value such a product of ours in the province of Jaén as is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
For Pradolivo, the olive tree is a tree with a special meaning that is part of its history and culture. The love and deep respect for nature, the countryside, and our land is their hallmark, and they are committed to the work they do and carry out.
Our philosophy is to carry out a responsible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly activity.
At Pradolivo, they produce an extra virgin olive oil with the highest demanding standards, taking care of the entire production process from the origin and guaranteeing their customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil whose flavor and aroma transport you to the olive grove, to the field, to nature, and with exceptional organoleptic qualities.
Sale of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in different formats, products made with EVOO such as jams, chocolates, and cosmetics, as well as articles made with olive wood.
They have a Tourism Quality commitment issued by Sicted.

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    Avda Alcalde Eusebio Ortega Molina, 17 23440 Baeza, Jaén